RFID positioning

Situation description

At ECT, Europes biggest container terminal, unmanned vehicles and cranes are used. A part of the system that is responsible for the control of the vehicles is the positioning. For this purpose and comissioned by ECT, we developed a special system. 

Realized activities

This system consists out of an antenna unit and a transponder, which measures the location with an accuracy to the millimeter. The transponders are mounted in to the ground and the antenna unit is mounted onto the vehicles. 

Technical details

The transponders contain a unique code which is transmitted when the transponder is in the area of an antenna. The code and the location of the transponder underneath the antenna are used to determine the position. 

Applied technologies

    •    DSP

    •    FPGA / VHDL

    •    RF-ID

    •    Datacom 3946R

    •    Analog signal processing

    •    Signal simulation

    •    WiFi wireless LAN

    •    Bluetooth